About René

Take René through over 50 levels, collect as many shamrocks as possible and help René's friends to get the big shamrock goal.


You are René, the little ladybug. You need to help your friends to get the big shamrock goal.


Suzy is René's butterfly girlfriend - if René meets her, his health will increase by 25%

Bumble Pete

Pete is René's old buddy. He is calm all the day and a bit slow.

Butterfly Penny

Penny is a hyper butterlfy - so be careful.

Tiny Tina

Tina is Penny's cheeky little sister. She is pretty fast but unwary.

Hubert Fly

Hubert is a always happy fly. But he is more slow as a snail.

Betty Fly

Betty is Hubert's wife. She is almost the same slow as Hubert.

Stinky Steve

Steve loves to be in the dirt - take care of him.


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